While breastfeeding, when did your cycle return?

Did you milk it for all it was worth? (breastfed or pumped)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

tell me about your bra...

Well...what I really want to know is--for you extended nursers out there...do you still wear a nursing bra?

We made it to a year...well, I have--Par still has another month (I started pumping on day one--but Par didn't get any milk (or anything for that matter until he was almost 6 weeks old)...Par still nurses a good bit...and if we are out and he is super tired, sometimes the Mommy Milk is the only thing that will calm him....We nurse maybe twice during the day when I am wearing clothes--and most of the time I am at home and it is when I am putting him down for a nap...otherwise, I'm in my nightgown for his morning and nighttime feedings...So I am curious...is there a point when I can return to a regular bra? Is this wishful thinking? Recently (in the past month) I have stopped worrying about what I am wearing--I don't limit the wardrobe to BF-friendly clothes--I wear what I want. So what about the bra? What have you done?

Please take a look at Par's 1st Birthday pics here...we had a great time!

So I must admit...now that Par is year...I am getting a lot of questions about nursing...I had people ask if he was BF up until about 6 months old...and then no one asked...now when they ask "how old is he" and I say "a year" they always follow up with "now he isn't still BF right?"...so what bothers me is the phrasing of the question. Why can't they say "is he still BF?" or "he's still BF, right?"--why such a negative posed question...not that I really care that much...I guess it just goes to show how extended BF still seems to be a tiny bit taboo still...
Only about 50% are surprised when I say that he is still BF...so I guess that is progress...
I do get a little tickled when I meet someone and we go through the above scenario and then they tell me why they stopped at 3 months or 6 months or whatever...almost as if they need to confess to someone to make them feel better...that confirms something to me...THE MORE SUPPORT YOU HAVE THE LONGER YOU ARE LIKELY TO BF!!! So if you are a BF of an infant and you want to BF for as long as your baby wants to...then surround yourself with good supporters and ignore those who have negative things to say about it...it is definitely worth it.