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Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot Mommy {Milk}

Looks like Mommy Knows Breast was created just in time!
Why, you ask?
Because World Breastfeeding Week 2008 is August 1-7—and that is just around the corner!
I’m so excited! I’m thinking I might do a virtual nurse-a-thon and see if we can have someone nursing/pumping every hour from August 1 through August 7th—that would be pretty cool. I’m working on plans right now!

Today my perfect husband was game for one of my fun outing ideas. I really wanted to go swimming somewhere—so we packed up the car and headed to Oak Mountain State Park.
I thought this would be great—I’d get to swim, spend fun times with my family and get to practice BIF (because I knew we wouldn’t know a soul). Well, this happy outing didn’t start out so well. I opened my fat mouth and started telling my husband that he wasn’t going the way I would go (note, I didn’t tell him he was going the wrong way). The happy husband wasn’t so happy—and after 27 miles of driving and just as we were 3 miles from the park--we ran out of gas. I immediately started laughing. Of course, we were in my car, so that would have been my responsibility—but I was so excited about swimming—anyway—we were out of gas. Did I mention that I kept telling my husband how to drive and insisted he go through the road block that said “No Thru Traffic”? So here we are, out of gas on a road with no thru traffic! It was priceless.
Onstar to the rescue! I can’t tell you enough how great Onstar is and how I will never own another car without it. They brought us gas and we were on the road in no time to swim—well, about 45 minutes later…but still, not too bad.
What’s the point? The point is that we were stranded and just like I am so thankful that our car had Onstar, I am so glad that we are still breastfeeding—because almost on cue, Par woke up and was miserable. He was hot and uncomfortable—but BF him calmed him immediately and he was fine. And, I got to BF in front of people! I’m sort of kidding—I was already wearing a strapless bathing suit with a strapless cover-up—so feeding Par was easy—but these two 14 year old-ish boys walked up to my window while I was feeding Par and asked us if we needed help. As soon as Par heard the voice he popped off and up to see who was there. Thankfully it didn’t seem like the boy even noticed (which is shocking to me since he was maybe 2 feet away from me)–or maybe he comes from a BF family and knows it is totally natural and normal and he was just being mature about it. I prefer to think the latter.
So I’ve learned something today: I really need to just let my husband be in charge when he is driving—that way the gas thing could have been all of his fault. And I learned that it doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, mommy milk is always refreshing.

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