While breastfeeding, when did your cycle return?

Did you milk it for all it was worth? (breastfed or pumped)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Remember me?

Where have I been?...well...check out my post at FoR for my excuse...sorry...

There are times--even after over 11 months of breastfeeding--that I still feel like I am a novice. I feel strangely overwhelmed by my "lack of experience"--I am not aware of what "this" means and how it will balance with "that"--and with God's unique design of little Par's insides--it can be frustrating. Yet, as I have seen the other side of the "BF mountain" since my frustration began last week--I can tell you---DON'T WORRY! Your body just knows how to respond to your baby(although I have read this works best with exclusive/demand BF). Yes...after Par kicked his appetite up a bit with regards to solid food--our BF sessions plummeted. I realize that this will happen at some point--but with Par's medical issues, the best thing for him is breastmilk (it has the highest calorie/fat content)--so it is frustrating seeing him blossom with eating but the best thing for him is breastmilk and he just wasn't BF as much...
So thankfully--it leveled out--his body realized that it still needed the breastmilk--and he's drinking a little more than even before--just different timing. Long mornings and long evenings--only a few times during the day (it was every 2-3 hours).

So...I've almost made it a year. I'll admit, it hasn't been difficult. I know a lot of people find BF this long hard--and I don't minimize your feelings one bit--but after pumping for 2 months--this is a breeze (and I am blown away by anyone who pumped for a year)--plus, my lifestyle has really be catered to my son and his health issues, so thankfully I didn't see it as difficult or I may have been resentful...I pray that I can say this with as much enthusiasm with my next child.

Which reminds me...I totally have baby fever...as Par nears one year old...I want a little baby to cuddle--so when did your cycle return? Were you exclusively BF? Were you still BF?


Anonymous said...

My cycles returned when Layton was 14 months old. It was right after Christmas and we were so busy running around all the time that he dropped to 2 feedings/day. He also was not nursing at night which will help prolong the ammenoreah. Just keep in mind that it is highly likely your milk would dry up around the 5-6 month pregnancy mark so you might want to consider that and Par's needs regarding his health (I don't want to sound like a broken record on that subject but sometimes I wish Layton would still drink BM just to boost him immune system). By the way... Rose has been very disinterested in nursing the last few days and she is actually pushing me away. Talk about feeling rejected!

Ole Miss Mom said...

With Lillian, I didn't have a period for 2 years!!! (including the pregnancy) It was wonderful...they return when I weaned her around 14 months!

Kristan said...

found you through mckmama - love reading your experiences. my cycles returned when my BF twins were 11 months, and i got pregnant when they were 14 months, and still tandem nursing 10-12 times a day/night. we're still nursing 8-10 times a day and i'm being slow about giving them milk from a cup, but since i'm about 4 months pregnant, am going to soon - i guess. :)