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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little did I know...

...that my extended breastfeeding may have significantly helped my son and his lung growth.

As many of you know, my son Par was diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia at 21 weeks gestation. Our start was rough--and our road to breastfeeding was L O N G--but all worth it, of course! Because of Par's CDH his lungs and heart were smushed by his stomach, spleen, kidneys, bowels throughout his life in the womb and not able to grow properly--thus, when he was born he was unable to breathe on his own--just one little lung and one little lung bud.
After his repair surgery to put it all back and a month on the ventilator--his little lungs began to expand and grow. After 3 more months on oxygen he was finally able to breathe without any help.
During all of this--in an effort to give him the best food possible and because I wanted to experience at least some normal part of motherhood (Par is my 1st baby)--I was VERY determined to breastfeed him. It was not without challenges--every bit of encouragement went a long way--and the information I am about to share may have made it even easier to persevere.
In a recent article--found here-- the doctor claims that the act of suckling itself improves lung development if breastfeed for 4 months or longer (not just breastmilk, but actually breastfeeding). It is a very interesting article and I am even more excited to see how little Par's lungs look at our appointment in February--and I can't wait to share this info with Dr. Kays.
To see the fruits of my labor...go here!

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Terri said...

Liz I love this blog! I was a breastfeeding junkie. I nursed Ava up until, well she rehernaited (25 months) and then I pumped in hopes that she would pop out of this sickness and nurse again! I needed the connection with her and felt lost without it.

Anyways let me know if I can help in anyway. I do know a great breastfeeding consultant from CHOP. I was involved in a study while there with Ava at birth. They wanted me to journal my experience, being in the NICU with a critical baby. I never found out the results but was happy to help them learn more about BF! Kuddos to you. I believe Ava is my last so I'm a bit sad. I will never forget those bonding moments!