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Monday, September 8, 2008

Are you kidding me?

Warning: This entry may include violent tangents without clear transitions. Careful while reading.
My husband LOVES Mountain Dew. Ironically, I love Mountain Dew too (my high school friends may remember my addiction--but I gave it up at some point in college and I have avoided it except on very rare occasions). In fact, I have given up soft drinks (cokes, sodas, colas, etc.)altogether and haven't had one since the night before Par was born. I allowed myself to indulge in a coke now and then while I was pregnant (I know, not a healthy choice--but I did say indulge)and I have decided to only indulge in one while pregnant from now on. I'm less likely to over-indulge (abuse) these unhealthy devices whilst pregnant--and I know it won't work to say "never again"--so this way, it is more likely than not that I'll get to have another one some day...so if you see me taking a swig, you'll know I'm preggers. (Thankfully I want a lot of children--because I love me some coca-cola.)
So...like I said, Rusty loves to do the Dew. Rarely is he without one. So it was no surprise as we were entering the hospital to visit my new niece that Rusty was armed with a fresh 20oz Mtn. Dew being kept cool by a koozie. I was pushing Par in the stroller--he was fussing a little because it was close to bedtime--in an effort to distract him, Rusty handed him his Mtn. Dew bottle with the top screwed on tightly. Par seemed very happy with his new toy and we continued on our way to see Baby Frances.
We strolled in just as Julie's nurse was finishing up her vitals. The nurse looked at Par and smiled and said, "Oh! Is he a Mountain Dew Baby!?!"
Yes, you read that right. A Mountain Dew Baby. A Mountain Dew Baby? Does that really exist. And is it actually endearing as her joyful toned implied?
I was upset by this insinuation-I quickly corrected her and said, "No, exclusively BF" not quite explaining why he was playing with a Mtn. Dew bottle. But I was shocked. Surely a nurse--a nurse in the hospital touted for fantastic BF support here in Birmingham--wouldn't think feeding a 10 month old baby Mountain Dew is cute. Or would she? She then told us of how her daughter was a Mtn. Dew child and she just thought he looked so cute with the bottle. I quickly gave the bottle back to Rusty.
Really? Are you kidding me? This makes me sad. Here I am trying to promote the healthiest choice--thinking our adversaries are formula and (gasp!) cow's milk. Little did I know...
Little did I know that I would ever prefer a child to embibe hormone infested cow skim milk--but in this situation, get yourself a gallon.
Check out this sad sad picture...
Mountain Dew Baby? Really?
I feel certain--you can't grave what you've never had. Sorry Par.

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