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Friday, September 19, 2008


We aren't quite sure what happened last night.

I put Par to bed around 9pm--he went right to sleep. Rusty and I were still up at midnight in the den--I heard Par starting to wake up so I walked in the room. He looked at me and started screaming--not crying--screaming--screaming for his mama. I kept trying to tell him that I indeed am his mama--he can't even look at me--he seems terrified. I scoop him up (he screams louder) and take him to Rusty--he lunges for Rusty and clings to him while looking at me and screaming as if I am poking him with needles. We did our best to get ready for bed quickly--which is difficult with a child screaming crying--I thought maybe he was just overly tired. I hoped into bed and offered him my breast. He rejected me. He screamed louder. Rusty had to come get him because he didn't want to be near me. Go ahead, insert a fork in my heart and twist. Oh--it was so sad--I was sad for him because it was as if he didn't recognize me--and sad for me because he has never not wanted me. And sad for Rusty--because as great as it has to feel to have your son reach out to you--I know he was worried that something was wrong. Par screamed for about 2 hours. The screams would lull at times--if we showed him something interesting--but he'd get bored and start screaming. I offered the Mommy Milk a number of times--all rejected. After 2 hours of offering, being rejected and hearing my precious angel crying--I was leaking A LOT. Par finally fell asleep next to me--but I was afraid I was going to wake up engorged so as soon as I knew he was really asleep, I nudged him and he BF for about 20 minutes in his sleep. Thanks be to God!
He slept until 9 am--and I had to wake him up because his diaper looked like it was about to explode.
It was the strangest experience. Any ideas what might have happened? Was he sleep walking? He is totally normal today/tonight. I hope it doesn't happen again...

(our first thought was reherniation or some sort of issue like that--but we ruled those out after he seemed to be able to turn the screaming off and on at will)

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Anonymous said...

Layton has done that on occasion... I can't remember if he started that young? It usually happens if he is overly tired. He will wake up crying and unconsolable. He usually asks for something but when we try to give it to him it will only make him more upset. I remember my brother doing the same thing when he was young. Hopefully it was just a one time occurance:)