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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Our sleeping saga with Par has not repeated itself--thank goodness. But Par is definitely changing--and my tender heart fears too quickly! Par has become very independent during the day and is less interested in BF for "meals" and is preferring "snacks"--which is fine--I'll do whatever it takes, but take a gander at this scenario.
Par is playing with a book. He'll stand up and bring me the book and grunt. The grunt means many things, but in this case it means "show me/read me the book." So I oblige, pick him up and begin to open the book. Then another grunt and his face is buried in my chest. He wants what I would "affectionately" call a sip of mommy milk. So I readjust, undo my clever nursing bra and Par takes a sip. That's it. Now he is ready to read. So do I put the mommy milk away? I do not dare. If I do then he'll grunt and want a sip. So at any given moment--much like his first few months home, I am semi-topless in our house. I've noticed that he doesn't do this in the bed--morning or night. My guess is that he knows he can easily access "it" without my help when I'm wearing my nightgown. But when I am dressed--it is the scenario I mentioned. Thankfully, he doesn't do this when we are out.
Par is my first, but I assume it is just part of becoming more independent. He wants to know that he can have mommy milk WHENEVER he wants. He doesn't need to worry, I have rarely denied him--just on few occasions I have had to delay it 5 or 10 minutes because we are in the car or church is just about over...so I'm guessing he just wants to make sure his new independence in playing isn't confused by independence from mommy milk.

But wipe those tears away---because today is Not Me Monday!--posting a tad bit early--because--well....everyone else is...

Not me--I am not posting early because I want to have a low digit when it comes to Mr. Linky on MckMama's blog--that would be stupid.

I did not feed my son instant oatmeal for dinner because I was tired of making a real dinner--that would be selfish.

I did not enlist my husband to help with dinner and bath time for Par so that I could clean the kitchen and the bathroom--all so I could enjoy tomorrow without having to clean the house. That would be terrible and also pretty selfish since my husband goes to work each day. So don't worry--I know better than that--even if I did want to spend all day outside tomorrow--I wouldn't even dream of it!

And finally--I did not once (or everyday this week)get down on the floor so Par could climb on me for a mini-massage (much like my not me monday! from last week).


Mike and Katie said...

Par must be close to Amanda's age. The independence and book reading happened together. And the new need to be close to momma. I'm adoptive nursing woth a Lact-Aid so the milk bar ins't always open, but she has gotten stranger shy.

One week she was barely toddling and reaching for every one and the next she won't let any one else hold her during church.

Your blog title inspired me, BTW. After getting to MCKS on Monday afternoon, I had no time to read all the "not me's" and only picked ones with interesting titles, like yours.


Mike and Katie said...

I'd love to contribute! Feel free to link to the nursing journal for starters.

I connect with you some time this week via email. I'm on the wrong computer for that.


Weeksie50 said...

lol- I am loving your title..
and a free walk on my back massage is good bonding time right?