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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting Dressed

Par is my only child—so the BF is very new to me. I look at my closet in a completely new way. Before I would look for the outfits that were the most flattering and I never wore low cut tops. Now I’m looking for shirts that make it easy to feed Par—and for the most part—they are all low cut. Seriously, all of my tops seem to be borderline offensive now that I’m full of mommy milk—but they are so easy to BF in. I do have some BF tops that were made specifically for feeding your child easily and discreetly—I save those for church, parties and other outings.
Easy access is important—but fast access seems even more important. The best think I’ve found is just wearing layers—a tank top underneath and any shirt on top.
But, if you are looking for some BF clothes…these are some good places—



One Hot Mama (she was on A Baby Story)

But what if you don't have the option...what if you are in...a wedding!

A scary thought for some--myself included! I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a close friend/family member's wedding before I knew I was pregnant. The wedding would be after I gave birth--yet they needed measurements around the time I gave birth. I was so scared--bridesmaids dresses are already a different species all together--now I was having to guess at my size. Yikes.

Thankfully, I loved the bridesmaids dress-- it was two pieces and very easy to feed him in (in the lady's room, of course). But I did have to deal with some pretty intimidating cleavage.

I've heard from some people that their breast size goes down after they quit BF all their children--and from others it stayed the same. I wouldn't mind a little reduction by mother nature...but we are a long way from that.


Ole Miss Mom said...

OH YES, great post...whatever is easiest to get into! I pass up old favorite shirt just b/c I can't BF easily in them!!

And yes, I'm afraid my went just about inverted when I was done feeding #2! I'm scared to see what they'll do after #3.... :-(.

But I will say Victoria's Secret has some GREAT bras to put them back where they came from! hehe

Cindy said...

I was a B before I got pregnant, a C while I was pregnant, went up to a D when my milk came in, then gradually down to a C, and now that Claire is weaned (it has been 1.5 weeks since she BF) I'm back to a B again.