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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Pacifier?

I don't like pacifiers. Regardless of intent--they are a pain. We used one in the NICU to develop and encourage the sucking reflex to enhance our chances of him latching on once he was well enough. In my case, it was helpful and I am thankful for them in that regard. But now, our pacifier is more of a chew toy now that Par is teething. We've never used it for crying (and my biggest pet-peave are people trying to stick it in when he is crying)--instead, I like to figure out why Par is crying and go from there--he is yet to cry because he wants his pacifier--usually it is because he is hungry, wet or just wants his mama.

But this past week, I found myself reaching for the pacifier to pull the switcher-roo on Par after he had fallen asleep. Obviously the sucking soothes his little gums--he wasn't actually drinking--and so I would slip the pacifier in there and he would suck away on it! I don't know how I feel about it--I hate to develop a pacifier habit after avoiding one for 8 months--does mommy know breast?

Curious what you all think...


Alicia said...

My son used one just to fall asleep with. When he started cutting teeth, he did the same thing as par, and used me as a pacifier for comfort. I pulled the switcheroo just while he was having a rough time and he has not wanted it since, which I am quite relieved about. Hopefully par will be the same way.

Ole Miss Mom said...

I don't mind pacifiers! When I had my second child (and third), I knew that I couldn't on-demand BF...I had 2 other kids to take care of. I'm also a fan of Parent-Directed Feeding and scheduling which has worked wonders for all my children. So...in order for my sanity to be kept at a decent level :-), and not have to sit and feed around the clock, I used the pacifier. I just remembered my kids not necessarily wanting to eat, but just suckle, and I just didn't have the time to be a human pacifier. We've had no trouble giving it up either (thank goodness).

But everyone is different. I didn't use one with my first child. I think it depends on each situation! :-)

Loved the story about the UPS man - I've had that happen with JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS coming to my door while I was nursing....and tryin' to force their way in!!!! HA HA HA!!