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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Wow. Traveling is a challenge.
Thankfully, Par is a pretty good sport when it comes to going places. He doesn't always fall asleep--but when he is awake, he seems pretty content watching the trees go past.
We were in Asheboro, NC from Thursday to Sunday--this is about an 8 hour drive. On the way there we stopped 3 times--45 minutes each. It may sound like a long time, but it didn't feel like it--they all felt like pretty quick stops--each stop consisted of me first BF Par while Rusty walked Tiffany. Then after Par was finished I would put him in his new favorite toy and Rusty would push him around while I went to the bathroom. Then I would change his diaper and we'd get back in and hit the road. We got gas on one of the stops, ate lunch on another and got a snack on the third--but that didn't really add to the break. The drive up there could not have been more ideal. The drive back to Birmingham could have been ...
As I have said before--Par doesn't have a schedule--more of a routine he has made for himself--but a long car ride doesn't play into it very well and I knew it was going to be a tough ride home. He did better than I expected until we hit Atlanta. Then he was hungry--but we were stuck in traffic--slow moving bad traffic--and he was crying, "Mamamamamama" which is what he does when he is hungry. I was sitting right beside him trying to console him--wishing I could take him out and feed him right then. If that was bad enough, he stopped calling for me and just kept crying really hard--but we couldn't do anything about it. I was able to distract him a few times (and I knew he wasn't really starving--he had eaten really well just 1 hour prior to this event)--but would then start crying again. After an hour and a half, we were finally moving and pulled over to the first safe place. He ate really well again and slept the rest of the way(2 hours) home. (FYI-I did offer him some fruit, but he wanted the Mommy Milk)

I was so glad we were home--at 11:30pm--and Par seemed fine when he woke up and was back to his "routine" by the morning.


Cindy said...

It's times like that when you seriously consider just leaning over the carseat :-)

Ole Miss Mom said...

Welcome back! Sounds like things went pretty good! :-)

Alicia said...

I have actually just leaned over the carseat. It is very uncomfortable for mom but it sure did the trick for my crying baby.

Anonymous said...

*traveling isn't always easy! sounds like you all had a pretty easy ride though - yay par!
*don't you just hate it when they cry for you like that! breaks my heart every time!
*from a mom who travels from NC to AL it's a good thing he can soon have alternatives... take a couple of sips from a water bottle!
better yet he might be ready for a soft tipped sippy cup with mommy milk!

we'll be on that same road (literally) soon!!