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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Whiny Wednesday

Did Tuesday and Wednesday really already come and go?

Although I am a WAHM- I don’t actually always “work”—I spend a lot of the time loving on my baby boy—and lately, trying to find a gentle way to convey that when he clamps down on me to break in those pearly whites—it really hurts. But most of what I have tried has only been met with a grin and a giggle—and somehow that takes the pain away.

But I do work—I have a few “jobs” other than taking care of my son and my husband—and yesterday and today have been consumed with my real estate career. My precious baby’s non-scheduled “feeding on demand” was more like “feeding when I have time”—or at least that is how I felt by the end of the day. Don’t worry—he ate—and he ate frequently—but I hated that I felt “obligated” that I had to stop what I was doing or excuse myself from a client or business associate I may have been meeting with to feed him. It doesn’t happen often (that I feel this way) and when it does, I spend the rest of the day beating myself up.

But as I look back on the day—Par was always cheerful and playing and easily soothed. When he was hungry, he wasn’t bashful about letting me know—and usually my exit to feed him was welcomed since he was asking for mommy milk so loudly. BF my little one is nice on days like today because it reminds me to not get so caught up in what I am doing and to take a break every now and then during a hectic day. BF allows me to sit and collect my thoughts and regroup—who knew BF could be so mentally healthy for the working woman!

Everyone needs a BF break.

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