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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hungry Babies?

Well...there must be a lot of REALLY HUNGRY BABIES out there--our virtual nurse-athon barely exceeded 1.5 days in total BF hours--and we didn't make our goal of 50 participants--so this mommy will not be taking home any medals...so sad.

I waited a few days because I had some late entries--and if you want to still turn in your hours--shoot me an email today.

Our t-shirt winner is Beverly Norwood of Bessemer, Alabama! Way to go Beverly!

On another "hungry baby" note, my baby is eating all the time. I think he must be going through a growth spurt, but he seems to have picked up an additional feeding. Keep in mind, he has started eating solid food at dinner (but that wasn't replacing a BF meal, it was an addition too. So basically, he is just one HUNGRY HUNGRY hippo. I'm fine with that--if you've read Par's story, you'll see why this isn't a bad thing.
So here is my question for you veteran BF mommies, why do my breasts (as of this week) seem smaller?

Happy BF!

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LeeAnn said...

If Par is eating all the time, they may be smaller because they don't have time to fill up with milk. I always seem "empty" when Rose is having a growth spurt. They should catch up in a day or two.