While breastfeeding, when did your cycle return?

Did you milk it for all it was worth? (breastfed or pumped)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Would you? Could you?

I'm watching Martha Stewart right now (a rerun) and it has moms with babies on today--hooray for the BF mom--she's using a Hooter Hider--and I know no one would notice if they weren't looking...
Could I BF on Martha Stewart? Sure...I could.
Would I? probably not.
Would you?

Today kicks off World Breastfeeding Week--For our Virtual Nurse-a-thon,email me your hours of BF for each day from August 1 thru August 7--and the winner will get a Mommy Knows Breast t-shirt. Good Luck!
I'll post the total number of hours at the end of the day August 7th! Go Mommy Milk!

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