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Friday, August 29, 2008

"We don't gnaw on our mommy"

Austin Powers movie lines seem to play a large role in our family banter. I know--quite bizarre--but I have noticed that men have an amazing ability to remember movies line for line--yet, important conversations seem unheard. So--this happens to be a movie that I've seen (and there is nothing worse than hearing lines from movies that I have NOT seen)so I go along with it. My husband is hysterically funny--he has pretty good timing when it comes to inserting lines that coincide perfectly with Par's actions.
Anyway, I had mentioned that Par has started helping himself to the morning buffet. I had opened my eyes just briefly to see him eating away. As usual, he grin at me--as if to say "good morning mom! I was hoping you'd wake up!" and then I shut my eyes again. Then--HE BIT ME! This was no accident--he was definitely trying to get my attention. So what do I do? I looked at him and said, "we don't gnaw on our mommy!"
I couldn't believe I said it--and in a Dr. Evil voice! For those of you who may not know--Dr. Evil has to tell Mini-Me not to gnaw on the kitty. It is a pretty funny line. We joke that Par is Rusty's mini-me--so it is not so surprising--but still. Speaking to my child using Austin Powers' movie lines is not something I'm proud of. The good news is--he didn't bite me again (yet).

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