While breastfeeding, when did your cycle return?

Did you milk it for all it was worth? (breastfed or pumped)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I like routine. I probably like routine too much. God designed this universe to be constantly living, growing, breeding, wilting, dying, etc.--change is a part of that--it is natural. Yet, I fight it daily.
If I had my way, I would get up each day and BF Par while checking email and drinking my morning cup of joe. Ideally, Par would remain 9 months old--but maybe I would be 15lbs lighter and with longer hair...anyway, I like the routine we've made.
But things change--and nothing says this more than watching a baby grow.
At this point, Par really doesn't need "me" to eat. A few times lately I have woken up and he has already helped himself to the morning buffet (remember, we co-sleep). I look down at him and he just grins. He's a good boy--he didn't want to wake me.
This morning while checking email, Par managed to kick my coffee onto my computer--he's getting so big--this part of my day is going to have to change.
And now I'm here, sitting by myself because my little boy is sound asleep in his bed--I spent a good bit of his morning nap looking at pictures from his 1st month of life. I do this a lot--but today was especially emotional as there are 3 new little babies born within a day--all afflicted with CDH. I have been praying--begging--looking at my son awe struck at how far we've come.
I know this blog is about BF--I really don't think I can clearly explain how truly amazing it is that Par was able to BF. God gave me the perseverance--I know that much. But Par's ability to BF and without reflux or intestinal issues is miraculous. At this point, I do try and use the words miraculous/miracle conservatively--mainly because I now know how powerful it is--the word alone proclaims God's Glory! So thank you Lord for your gift of breastfeeding my son.
For those of you who have been blessed to breastfeed your little ones from the beginning--praise God! I ask that everyone will offer prayers up for these 3 new little babies--that they may be healed Miraculously by our Father in Heaven. That their parents may know the love of our Lord and find rest, peace, hope & understanding as they endure this roller coaster like journey of CDH.
May they be encouraged by their family and medical team in breastfeeding/pumping for their baby. I know that my success is definitely a product of prayer and encouragement of many people.

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